Tips for Sleeping Well at Night

Here are some bullet points that I’ve learned from trial and error as great ways to insure I get a good night’s sleep.

#1 eat enough calories that are also balanced.

The way I look at it, a good diet needs to include a few major things. The ratio should be about 50% carbs, 25% fat and 25% protein. You could probably get away with more protein than that, but a rough estimate is those percentages. If you excercise a ton, you may need to eat more, too.

As an example, a 28-year-old guy doing light-medium intensity workouts 4-5 days a week should be eating at least 2500-2700 calories daily.

Make sure you’re getting enough sodium, too. Sodium is critical. Too much or too little is bad, and my sleep gets really messed up if I don’t have enough of it. Vitamin K is big, too. I always try to eat some spinach or something every day now.

Limit caffeine late in the evening. Frankly, limiting all caffeine intake is your best bet, but if you need any, just drink it early in the morning. Same goes for refined sugars.

#2 Limit Screen Time Late at Night

Everybody sort of knows this one, but no screens the hour before you go to sleep. Two hours is better.

#3 Limit strenuous mental tasks at Night

Studying really hard right up until you fall asleep might actually have the opposite effect. It’s happened to me before where trying to study non-stop all day makes the following day really rough.

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