Your Wellness.

Your Wellness Manager is a free platform to help you manage your physical and mental health.

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Sleep Tracking

Social Media


Your Wellness Manager gives you the tools to take control.

Whether you want to cut back on social media, start getting in better shape, or just take a minute for yourself, our resources can help.

The Tools

Private Journal

Your Wellness Manager includes a private journal that you can use to type out your thoughts. No more worrying about someone finding it under your pillow, either.

Meditation For All

Your Wellness Manager includes audio meditations from many major religious denominations in addition to non-religious audio.

Exercise Tracker

Use the platform to track your exercises and keep a log of what you get accomplished every day.

Diet Tracker

Keep track of what you eat and drink to help hold yourself accountable to whatever your goals are.

The habits you form in college can significantly impact how the rest of your 20’s go.

Sleep Tracker

Log your sleep quality to make sure you get those eight hours of rest every night and find out why if you aren’t.

Social Media Time Management

We all know that it’s tough to put down Instagram and TikTok. But what if you had some help?

Questions? Drop us a line!

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