Pornography Addiction Is There Hope? Yes, Yes There Is

porn addiction is there hope

Pornography addiction is there hope? You probably want to know because there are millions of people out there regularly watching other people get stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey on a screen.

Look, all jokes aside – my plan with this article is to give you actual actionable strategies to start taking the right steps to get away from porn. So, when you ask, pornography addiction is there hope? The answer is yes, but only if you’re willing to take action.

Some Quick Basics

I’ll go into all the reasons that people might get addicted, why it’s hard to quit and all that, but first I want to tackle what you can actually do to get away from porn. That’s the real reason why you’re here. That or it’s because someone you care about is way too addicted to it.

Pornography Addiction Is There Hope? Some Initial Strategies

The first thing I want to hit is how you can end the problem on your own if it’s a personal addiction. Believe it or not, there are various ways that you can block porn out of your life without admitting to anyone that you have a problem. Because pornography isn’t a social thing like alcohol or certain drugs, you don’t need to worry as much about being constantly tempted.

Unless you and your friends watch together or something, but that’d be a little weird. Yea, that’d be super weird. This article and the strategies in it are for regular people.

What You Can Do on Your Own

Alright, first thing’s first, you’re probably looking this up because you know it’s a personal problem and you want to know, pornography addiction is there hope? So, we’ll address what you can do alone.

Basically, you need to make accessing porn as cumbersome as possible for yourself. As time goes on, it’ll be easier and easier to stay away from it and build up the discipline to kick the habit completely.

Pornography Addiction Is There Hope? Easing Yourself Off It

If you are regularly watching pornographic videos where people are having graphic sex, this is the part you really want to read. You need to start detoxing by getting away from the worst stuff, which is those videos. I know people are into various things, some are just into basic porn where it’s two people having sex and some people are into way worse stuff that shows crimes happening like rape, incest, etc.

My suggestion is to wean yourself off porn by stopping the videos but continuing to look at images (for the time being). If that means putting on a trench coat and going into the adult section of a bookstore to buy magazines like it’s 1976, for the sake of your mental health, do it. For those of you that think you can handle going cold turkey, do that instead. The quicker you completely get away from it, the better.

So, for all asking pornography addiction is there hope, here’s step one and different ways to do it.

Step One: Block Videos

Because pornography is accessible in so many places, there’s a few steps you need to take. Eliminating accessibility on your electronic devices will take some time. It could probably be accomplished if you blocked off two Saturday’s or possibly two full weekends to take care of setting up all the blocking systems.

Not that it needs to be said, but in order to do this all by yourself, you need to really want to stop using porn. If you really searched pornography addiction is there hope, then you’re probably looking for a solution and have the drive to make a change.

The Biggest Issue

It’s pretty straightforward finding various internet control software. There are a number of apps you can setup on your phone, tablet, router or whatever. The router is what I recommend, because then it blocks everything that you could access over Wi-Fi. If you have data on a smartphone, you’ll need to address that with your provider like Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.

For the Wi-Fi solution, I did a quick search and found a service called NetAngel that looks pretty good. Verizon has some content filtering guidance here that you can look at.

However, if you’re doing it on your own, there’s always one big problem: you can pretty much always just disable the software as quickly as you set it up. That’s why I came up with a solution to that issue.

Pornography Addiction Is There Hope: Here’s How To Save Yourself

So, let’s say you setup NetAngel and some blocking on your phone through your provider. I built a way that you can lock things up and throw away the key, so to speak. has a tool that you can use to hide your login and password information from yourself for a set amount of time. I really designed it and branded the tool to help with social media addiction, but it’s the same concept – you lock yourself out from being able to shut the blocks off.

You get to decide how long the login information is inaccessible, too. It could be a few days, weeks or even months. So if you ask, pornography addiction is there hope? Here it is. There’s now a way that you can block out everything and keep the those blocks in place.

I also recommend using some kind of app on your devices and doing the same thing. You’ll restrict your own administrative privileges for a little while so you can’t just delete the app. If you plan on doing it, make sure that things like bills are taken care of and you won’t need the password for whatever amount of time you set.

To recap: you’ll need to lock yourself out from being able to do administrative things like delete or install apps. Prepare accordingly, especially if you decide to do this for more than a couple days.

Use an app in case you end up on another Wi-Fi network, which will eventually happen, let’s be honest.

Another Solution

In my opinion, the first thing that I just outlined is the best way to do it. However, there’s other ways. A buddy of mine did this second thing I’m about to go over to quit. It involved confiding in someone that he had a problem and basically doing accountability check-ins.

There’s software out there like Ever Accountable that can help with this. Whether this works or not depends on your desire to quit and how honest you can be.

Pornography Addiction Is There Hope?
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